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This ISN’T like other programs you've tried. (No starving or deprivation mindset here.) During this weeklong program, you'll gently cleanse your mind, body, and spirit—through a clean diet, curated workouts, self care rituals, powerful community support, and a *major* emphasis on mindfulness. 


You're gonna feel more balanced and nourished than ever!      




Give your body the TLC it needs to clean house


Get a your sweat on and keep things movin'


Get sparkly with your mindfulness & self care


Access our video resources & one-on-one nutrition support


Enjoy powerful community support & hive love



Drink 16 to 32 ounces of room temperature water (with lemon if desired). Follow with herbal tea or decaf coffee (if a warm beverage is part of your ideal morning ritual).

(*While avoiding caffeine is ideal, at the very least cut your consumption by 50% for the duration of this week. Reducing caffeine will ease the load on your liver and improve your sleep quality.)     


Watch your daily coaching video. Then, grab your journal to record your thoughts, practice gratitude and positivity, write out lists, or focus on your goals. Alternatively, you could allocate 10 minutes to your meditation practice before your start your day.      



Keep things light and nutrient dense with a power packed smoothie. Smoothies are easy to digest, ensuring that you’ll stay energized to tackle the day. Just don’t overdo it on the carbs (don’t go crazy on the bananas or tropical fruits) to ensure you don’t get “hangry” later on. This is also a great time of day to take any beneficial herbal supplements (milk thistle) or adaptogens (cordyceps & reishi).       



Start with a lean source of protein and be mindful to eat lower glycemic carbohydrates. As the cleanse progresses, move towards large salads in lieu of heftier carbohydrates.



Move your body and get your sweat on with a hardcore HIIT workout video after work, lead by our in-house personal trainer. Could also fit this in during the morning, if that works better for you. Just try to avoid working out after dinner, as if could affect your sleep.    



Aim for a larger serving of protein, a hefty serving of veggies, and a serving of starch (like potatoes, quinoa, or rice). Eating a small amount of healthy carbs at dinner time helps to prepare the body for a good night of sleep. Avoid consuming alcohol for the entirety of these 7 days.    



Cut technology out at least an hour before bed. Practice a self care ritual, whether it’s stretching, meditation, an epsom salt bath, oiling your skin, reading a book, diffusing lavender, or self massage. Enjoy a cleansing herbal tea (with a small drizzle of B.Chill Honey if desired) to support a deep and restful sleep.           


Let's clean out the bad stuff—alcohol, caffeine, processed foods, and refined sugar—and focus on what's good. We've made you a full shopping list, recipes & a delicious 7 day meal guide, created by our very own in-house nutritionist.  


If you ever have any questions, feel free to text our nutritionist or head on over to our private Facebook group for some hive support. 


Cleansing isn't just about eating a clean diet and exercising. To really do a deep cleanse, you can't forget about your mind and spirit. This week, prioritize mindfulness, stress management, and radical self care. Now's the time to treat yo' self.    

Your Support Team


Jenee Mullings

Functional Nutrition Coach working to evolve your palate and your path to optimal health + wellness.

Jodie Elmer

Personal Trainer and Nike Women's coach. Advocate for self love and body


Samara Zelniker

Certified Holistic Health Coach through her training with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.

Marcella Ribeiro

Certified yoga + meditation instructor and specializes in

non-violent communication




Kundalini Yoga and Breathwork Facilitator. Guides peoples to break through physical barriers, and emotional blocks.

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